Lexus ES Series Allegedly Produces Foul Odor E-mail
October 24, 2017

Lexus ES consumer are troubled by the nauseating smell produced when the engine is turned on. The defect has been known to the company for years yet Toyota fails to make potential Lexus owners area of issue before hand. 

Allegedly 2014 Lexus ES series ventilation systems produce foul, nauseating odor when the engine turns on.  A claim made in California reports that the smell indicates that the HVAC contains a defect which makes it vulnerable to infestation with mold, fungus, and any other bacteria that could threaten the health of vehicle owners. The issue seems to persist in the Lexus HVAC system’s evaporator. The system’s evaporator allegedly allows condensation to condense on its surface, trapping organic contaminants such as mold, permitting them to colonize inside the system, creating both the nauseating odor and a health hazard.  Technical service bulletins released by Toyota dates the issue back to 1997.

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