Peet’s Coffee & Tea LLC, LLC, and Other Companies May Be Violating Auto Renewal Laws E-mail
March 02, 2017

These days consumers are purchasing many subscriptions and automatic/recurring deliveries of products and services online.  These subscriptions can be anything from coffee, study materials, cosmetics and vitamins to data storage and magazine subscriptions. Many companies, including Peet’s Coffee & Tea LLC or LLC, are allegedly failing to disclose a document that includes the automatic renewal offer terms, automatically renewing subscriptions to these products and services,  and are automatically charging the debit or credit card account number provided for the initial transaction.  In some cases, consumers are signed up for automatic renewals even when they just sign up for a free trial period of the product or service. 

In at least 16 states, including California, Georgia, New York, Illinois, and Florida, companies are subject to Automatic Renewal Laws, which may require that companies tell consumers about automatic renewing charges. This may mean that the disclosure must be made before the consumer signs up for the service or product. Additionally, companies may be required to provide consumers with a document that includes the automatic renewal offer terms, a description of the cancellation policy and information on how to cancel, and if there is a free trial offer, a statement that the consumer may cancel before being charged. If the company makes a substantial change to the automatic renewal offer, the company may be required to provide notice of the change and how to cancel before the change starts. Companies may be required to also provide easy ways for the consumer to cancel, such as an email address, a toll-free number, or a postal address.

If you believe you have been automatically charged for products or services by Peet’s Coffee & Tea LLC, LLC, or any other company without adequate disclosure and wish to discuss your legal rights with us, please contact us toll-free at 1-877-800-1450 or via email at  This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it .