Avandia is a blood sugar control medication approved to treat Type II diabetes patients. Advandamet contains Avandia combined with meformin. Avandaryl contains Avandia combined with glimepiride.

In September 2010, the Food Drug Administration (FDA) placed severe restrictions on Avandia and Avandia related drugs, citing its heart risks. The FDA's directive means that patients in the US will only have access to Avandia if they and their doctors attest that they have tried every other diabetes medicine and that patients have been made aware of Avandia cardiac side effects. These harmful side effects include a significant increase in the risk of myocardial infarction and an increase in the risk of death from heart attacks and heart-related disease. A 2007 study in fact suggested that the use of Avandia can increase the chances of having a heart attack by 43 percent. Moreover, Avandia has been linked to stroke in a number of studies evidencing a 27 percent increase of stroke in Avandia users. Finally, Avandia has been linked to bone fractures (experienced most often by female Avandia users) in the feet and limbs, as well as eye damage and hepatitis.